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Today’s busy generation requires physically sound bodies in order to withstand the daily pressures from school, the workplace, and even home chores. Due to the increasing awareness on the benefits of being physically fit, more and more individuals prefer to undergo preventive measures rather than resort to medical procedures. And one of the ways in maintaining a healthy mind and body is through spas.

The Benefits of Having a Spa

We know that spas are not only installed in homes for aesthetic benefits. They are there for other important functions, like the following:

  • Health. The moving water inside spas helps increase blood circulation, that’s why rheumatics and other patients with circulatory problems are advised to immerse in them several times a week.

  • Stress relief. Nothing beats the gentle movement of warm water as it touches your tired, stressed-out body from a long, tense day at work.

  • Detoxification. Taking a nice, long dip in a spa is proven to remove body toxins. It is actually the perfect hangover remover.

  • Beauty. Submerging the body in a spa removes dead skin cells which gives you a rosy, healthy complexion.

  • Convenience. With a spa right inside your Illinois home, you don’t have to schedule a visit to your nearest spa clinic just to experience its benefits. You can enjoy it 24/7 for as long as you want.

Maximizing the Benefits of Spas


Undoubtedly, you and your family can gain from the many benefits spas can provide. However, these benefits will not be as effective without the careful and precise hands of experts in spa installation. Poorly installed spas minimize these benefits and may even be detrimental to your health. Your body loves the spa’s warm water and so do the microorganisms that thrive in that lovely temperature.

To prevent this from happening, your spa must have:

  • An effective filtration system that will provide steady water circulation through the filter and pass all water inside the spa every 30 minutes or so.
  • A skimmer system that removes surface water when the spa is in use.
  • Automatic dosing and monitoring mechanism to analyze and control the spa’s pH and disinfectant levels.

It is also recommended that you have your spa cleaned at least once a week so that there will be no build-up of harmful bacteria. The water must always be clear for it to be considered safe.

Enjoy Your Spa to the Fullest

We at Statements In Stone, Inc. are fully aware of the many benefits spas can provide as well as the disadvantages of poorly installed ones. This is the reason why we only use the best materials. We select the best pumps, filters, covers, and accessories to ensure the safety and enjoyment of your whole family.

We can design and build pre-fabricated spa depending on your area’s size and of course, based on your needs and desires. In case you select a pre-made spa, rest assured that it only comes from the leading manufacturer in the country.

Our workers are all highly trained and have undergone years of experience in pool and spa installation. To us, finishing the project on time is not an issue because we have the latest tools and equipment that allow us to work with accuracy, speed, and efficiency.

Call us now and start enjoying the various benefits that spas can provide.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities, Towns and surrounding areas in IL:

  • Monee, IL
  • Frankfort, IL
  • Tinley Park, IL
  • Orland Park, IL
  • Mokena, IL
  • Oak Forest, IL
  • Joliet, IL
  • Downers Grove, IL
  • Clarendon Hills, IL
  • Westmont, IL
  • La Grange, IL
  • Hinsdale, IL
  • Countryside, IL
  • Naperville, IL
  • Woodridge, IL
  • Burr Ridge, IL
  • Darien, IL
  • Willowbrook, IL
  • Willow Springs, IL
  • Hickory Hills, IL
  • Oak Lawn, IL
  • Palos Hills, IL
  • Palos Heights, IL
  • Palos Park, IL
  • Bolingbrook, IL
  • Lemont, IL
  • Romeoville, IL
  • Crestwood, IL
  • Lockport, IL
  • Fairmont, IL
  • New Lenox, IL
  • Plainfield, IL
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