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Unlock Your Backyard Oasis: Top Trends in Pool and Outdoor Living Design for 2024!

Outdoor Living Design, Frankfort, IL It's time to take your backyard to the next level and create your oasis! The latest trends in swimming pool and outdoor living design offer tons of inspiration to upgrade your outdoor space. In 2024, we at Statements In Stone, Inc. see homeowners transform their yards into unique retreats far beyond the typical pool and patio. This year is all about pushing boundaries and embracing bold, creative choices.

Popular Pool Outdoor Living Design Trends

Here are some top pool and outdoor living design trends you'll see making waves in 2024.

  • Unique Shapes and Patterns - Forget the basic kidney bean pool – unique shapes and geometric patterns are taking center stage. Expect to see elongated rectangles, dramatic angles, curvaceous freeforms, and even circles or octagons making a splash. Combining different shapes and lines creates visual interest, and for paving around the pool, brick, stone, and paver patterns add artistic flair. Get creative with shape and design to elevate your poolscape.

  • Dynamic Finishes - From shimmering glass tiles to mosaic designs and beyond, eye-catching finishes are a major trend this year. Metallic, iridescent, and glossy tiles in bold colors and prints create a glamorous look. Large-format slabs like quartzite, porcelain, and terrazzo make a modern statement with their raw, organic beauty. Rich plaster finishes like pebbles and gemstones infuse luxurious texture. The options are endless for a unique style.

  • Destination-Inspired Settings – Focus on creating tropical vibes, spaces with European charm, or a natural-style zone in your outdoor areas. Think lush greenery, tropical flowers, Moroccan-style lounges, and details that capture the feeling of your favorite far-flung places. Fire features, hangout areas, musical elements like bell chimes, and themed décor complete the experience.

  • Flexible Floor Plans - Today's outdoor spaces adapt to evolving lifestyles with modular floor plans. Movable pots, planters, and privacy screens allow you to change the layout. In-floor tracks or base systems permit repositioning features like lounges, tables, bars, and more. Homeowners can re-envision the poolside setup at any time. Flexible, movable décor keeps the space fresh and functional.

Pool Designs That Are Trending This Year

2024 is the year to push boundaries and define your backyard paradise. Work with top pool and landscape pros to bring these leading design trends to life in your yard. Start planning today to make next summer your most stylish one yet poolside. Let the top designers turn your backyard into the ultimate hangout tailored to how you want to relax, dine, play, and entertain in your home.

  • Smart Pool Technology - Poolscapes are getting a stylish makeover, but innovative features are taking them into the future. Smart pool technology allows for automating maintenance and controlling features like waterfalls and fountains from your phone. You can create different scenes and ambiance with integrated lighting, sound, and other systems.

  • Focus on Sustainability - Sustainability is also increasingly important. Using solar power and energy-efficient equipment keeps operations eco-friendly. Permeable pavement, recycled materials, and native, drought-tolerant plants reduce the environmental impact.

  • Multi-functional Spaces - Besides swimming, today's pools integrate seamlessly into multi-functional spaces perfect for entertaining. Expansive decks and patios surround the water, outfitted with outdoor kitchens, dining areas, lounges, fire pits, and other amenities. The continuity between indoor and outdoor creates one flowing living space.

  • Creative Coping - Pool coping is both practical and aesthetic. The pool edge is getting a makeover with materials like glass tile, natural stone, paver strips, and 3D modular systems taking center stage. For a contemporary vibe, sleek large format coping creates a minimalist look, or you can bring the rustic route with natural stone cobbles. Make a statement with the style and shape of your pool coping.

Work With Proven Outdoor Living and Pool Design Experts

Custom designs can tailor your pool area to your lifestyle and provide whatever experience you envision. We stay on top of the latest backyard design trends to help homeowners like you bring their oasis dreams to life, and our blog shares continual inspiration and insights to transform your outdoor area into everything you wish it to be.

Contact us today to start planning your personal backyard escape. Whether you crave a sleek modern retreat or a rustic natural haven, we have the insider tips and expertise to actualize your vision. For more information about our pool and outdoor living design services, call the Statements In Stone, Inc. team at 708-534-8780. You can also write to us through our online form for details on how we can transform your outdoor living areas into functional and comfortable relaxation zones.

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