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Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools, Frankfort, IL

A swimming pool is a central feature required to create the perfect outdoor oasis. A professionally designed and installed pool creates a space for recreation for all ages, provides respite from summer temperatures, and creates beautiful views all year around. At Statements In Stone, we specialize in designing and installing/building custom pools for homes throughout South Suburbs, IL. From the initial phase to design, reviews, and construction, you can rely on the expertise and experience of our certified designers and builders to bring your vision to life.


An in-ground pool is a long-lasting investment in your home and lifestyle. Our experienced and certified designers and installers will work closely with you at every stage of the process, from design to project completion. We design and install all types of inground pools including fiberglass and vinyl pools. As landscaping specialists, we can help create a poolscape that transforms your vision into reality while also creating the perfect space for relaxation and spending time with your family.

Besides the choice of material, we can also help create inground pools of any design. We are proud of the workmanship quality that we offer. No inground pool project is too big or too small for us. From the most elaborate project to the simplest one, we have you covered for everything. We can also add water features, a patio, or a diving board to create a more customized space. Read More About In-Ground Pools >>


Fiberglass pools offer the ideal combination of durable and low-maintenance options. Every pool project we handle considers our client’s unique preferences, needs, and available space. We specialize in installing pools with stain-resistant finishes. Fiberglass pools offer various benefits such as faster installation, cost-effectiveness, versatility with design, and exceptional durability. We can also integrate features such as seating benches and lounging ledges into the pool’s design.

Every pool installation project we handle focuses on providing high-grade solutions. We can both install a new pool or replace your existing fiberglass pool. Our process begins with an initial consultation before we begin the excavation, and plumbing work, and install the pool after an inspection. We can further work on the pool coping, decking, and poolscape. As a landscaping company, we can also add shrubs, flowers, boulders, and other features to your pool area. All our projects involve the use of high-quality materials and following industry best practices. Read More About Fiberglass Pools >>

Our Pool Installation Services

We have specialized experience in the installation of fiberglass in-ground pools. Our designers will work with you to help choose the perfect design or create a custom one. as with all other projects, we develop 3D designs so that you can visualize your pool even before we get started.

Our additional pool-related services include:

  • Pool Deck: We can install a brick paver or stamped concrete deck in designs that match your preferences and your backyard’s dimensions.
  • Pool Accessories: If you think your pool needs additional features to enhance the experience, we can install pool slides, waterfalls, diving ledge, and grottos. You can also have custom rock features added to your pool.
  • Spas: We can design and install a spa as an addition to your pool or as a standalone feature. You can choose from a variety of built-in and stand-alone spas.

Custom Pool Design & Installation

You may want to create a natural, classic, modern, or exotic outdoor oasis. We can create just the perfect pool, no matter what your theme is. We begin by carefully listening to you to get a clear and in-depth understanding of your vision, needs, and budget. You can also rely on us to guide you through the latest trends and proven options.

When it comes to customized pool installation, careful design details make a big difference. Experience plays an important role in taking the design from the initial concept to transform it into reality. At Statements In Stone, we have over 20 years of industry experience. Our specialized and experienced team of pool designers and installers means that we have everything required to create the perfect outdoor oasis of your dreams.

Our robust warranty further means that you can have complete peace of mind. If you want to discuss your pool design and installation needs with us, feel free to contact us at 708-534-8780 or write to us.

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