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Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass Pools, Frankfort, IL Fiberglass pools provide a highly durable and low-maintenance pool option for your home. Lower maintenance translates into a lower cost of ownership. At Statements In Stone Pool and Patio we specialize in installing fiberglass pools based on our clients' unique needs and preferences and available space. The pools we install stand out for smooth and stain-resistant finishes, further simplifying maintenance. We offer our pool installation services throughout Southern Suburbs and the surrounding regions. We are certified installers for the following fiberglass pool manufacturers Imagine Pools, Barrier Reef Pools, San Juan Pools, and Leading Edge Pools. We follow all manufacturer best practices which allow us to install fiberglass pools in a 2 - 3 week period from start to finish. (Excludes hardscapes, patio, landscape etc.)

There are many reasons for investing in a fiberglass pool. The most notable ones are as follows:
  • Faster Installation: Depending on the scale of the project, a fiberglass pool installation can be completed in two to four weeks. Thus, your family will have a pool to enjoy in a shorter period.
  • Cost-Effective: These pools cost less, not only to install but also to maintain. Thus, the overall cost of ownership is much less compared to most other alternatives.
  • High Durability: Your fiberglass pool is durable and may need buffing to remove scratches. However, these pools don't need the resurfacing that concrete pools require.
  • Design Versatility: We can help you choose your pool from a wide range of designs and shapes. You can opt for different traditional shapes including rectangular, free-form, and oval.
You can also choose features such as lounging ledges, seating benches, entry stairs, and more. These features can be integrated into the overall design, thus bringing greater convenience as compared to concrete pools.


We are focused on providing high-grade solutions when designing and installing your pool. We keep your budget and needs in mind.

The following is a typical outline of the entire process of the installation of a fiberglass pool including the design and permit process. Once the pool installation begins it typically involves 10 to 15 working days to install the pool. Once the pool is installed the pool deck patio, hardscapes and landscape and other elements can be completed. From start to finish the average pool takes approximately 1 month after permits have been secured and construction starts. NOTE: These times are average estimates for a standard 35' x 16' pool and will change depending on pool size, weather, inspection delays and other factors beyond our control. As always we try to work consistently to provide the least amount of disruption to your property and lifestyle.

  • To start the process we request a plat of survey for the property which allows us to see property lines, easements and house location on the property. This enables us to design your pool project according to Village and County rules and regulations. We also request a few photos of the area where you anticipate putting your new in-ground pool so we can get a feel for the space that is available. This also allows us to see what existing features or obstacles may be already located on your property.
  • Once we receive the above information and have requested JULIE to locate utilities on the property we will schedule an appointment for one of our designers to meet with you at your home to discuss your requirements and vision for your outdoor oasis.
  • Once we have all of your measurements and plot of survey input in our design software we will provide you with a plan view design with the size of pool, the size of patio and all measurements and square footage. Once that design is approved by the homeowner we will provide a written itemized proposal of cost.
  • If you choose to accept our proposal the next stage would be getting engineered drawings and applying for Village or County permits. After we receive approved permits the construction process can begin.
  • Day 1 Excavation for pool, hauling of spoils, installation of stone foundation for pool, setting fiberglass pool shell in place.
  • Day 2 Installation of pool main drains, skimmer, return fittings, lighting, and other necessary pool shell plumbing.
  • Day 3 and 4 Finalizing any plumbing and backfilling pool perimeter with stone in order to prepare for perimeter concrete bond beam.
  • Day 5, 6 and 7 Hook up all equipment, run electrical, natural gas lines and any other underground utilities.
  • Day 8, 9 and 10 Finalize all stone backfill and final stone grade heights. Install concrete bond beam and auto cover assembly if applicable. At this point the pool will be ready for brick coping and any additional pool decks or patios.
  • The pool coping and decking are installed based on your preferences. Additionally, we can also set up your pool landscape involving shrubs, flowers, rocks, and boulders.
We use only high-quality materials and best practices for every pool installation project. We have over 30 years of industry experience and know what it takes to get things done right the first time. This helps you avoid any of the issues usually associated with pool installation.

Why Choose Us?

We offer much more than the basics. Our experienced team can customize your pool with features such as decking styles, ceramic tile, waterfalls, and various water features. Some of the advantages of choosing our services are as follows:
  • Wide selection of shapes to choose from
  • Onsite consultation
  • Pentair Top-quality pumps, filters, salt systems, and heaters
  • Ongoing service and maintenance

If you need a new fiberglass pool installation or replacement for your existing pool, feel free to get in touch with Statements In Stone Pool and Patio. You can reach us at 708-534-8780 or send us a message.
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